As general rule of thumb the complexity of a project grows proportionally to the number of activities and its net of succession. The grouping of activities according to their characteristics allows the organization of the project's scope of work. This organization is a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), commonly created previous to the list of activities and from a holistic view to a detailed one. Although this is not a rule, it is a very common best practice.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the hierarchical structuring of the project phases and/or  activities grouping (services / supply) required for completely executing of the project scope. Each WBS may contain several levels of phases, activities grouping, or both.

The WBS may be added to the project plan or program after it is created. When a project is created, its scheduler must create:

  • Develop the WBS.
  • Link the WBS items with OBS items.
  • Associate the reference documents to each WBS item.
  • Define the performance analysis criteria.

The image below shows an example of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

See below the video of how to build a WBS:

This WBS built in Primavera P6 results in:

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